The initial structure of this piece came from a point of surrender.  Our primary beliefs and ideologies are discarded when we get consumed with dwelling in an environment that puts an increasing emphasis on the outward appearance of self and wealth with very little time spent on our inner consciousness.  Consumed by the worship of our false gods, as perpetuated by the media, we become floating empty entities linked together by tenuous threads relinquishing our own thoughts, our own speech and our own actions for those that lie within that of the accepted social norm therein creating interactions with others that have little strength other than their own manufactured emptiness.

This Installation was exhibited at Night and Day Gallery, which is a space that used to exist as an old Chinese warehouse-chosen because it is one of the few spaces within our very modern city that has been left in its original condition.

Installation at Night & Day Gallery in conjunction with exhibition Are We Having Fun Yet? 2009

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