Don’t Aloha My Banana is a photo-media project realized in 2004.  Located in a shopping mall, the instillation redefined the urban space and challenged the perceived value of the image. By distributing the work across the floor, the public was ‘invited‘ to walk across it, interacting with it both physically and emotionally. This then initiated the ultimate destruction of the image highlighting the transient nature of the pieces, and of the environment which we create and surround ourselves with.

This tension of reverence and ultimately irreverence created the unease that we can feel when ‘stepping’ into new territories. 

At first hesitant, the onlooker soon became an active participant in the destruction of the art.  In this initial unease, and then subsequent ease of action, how far can we, as humans, be manipulated into carrying out acts that are in contrast to our primary beliefs. 

Installation organized by The National Arts Council & The Singapore Art Museum for SENI 2004

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