Fifty One is an exhibition that engages with the primacy and constructed maintenance of a certain opacity of the self to oneself. 

Through the overt sexualization of women as fueled by the media, they (we) are stripped of an essential complexity of being,

existing as mutilated, disjointed, disconnected forms that deny the wholeness of experience of self.  Viewed and objectified,

definitions are established via the erection of the male gaze.

Within this context, Ann Healey's latest body of work is focused on the reclaiming the body, as an attempt to deconstruct the

heteronormative parameters surrounding the representation of women. The denial of the complete bodily form within the works exists as an expression of the commodification of the female body and the absence of female subjectivity and agency within forms of mass production for consumption and control.

By using her own body, Healey invites a discourse that begins with her own vulnerability and insecurity and climaxes in control and ownership.

"Engaging with fabric that has been collected by both my mother and grandmother, the process evolved into a connection with my own personal history as well as a discourse with the politics of cloth and gender associations that historically devalued the 'feminine act' of sewing."

Fifty One

Canapes provided by Commune Bistro, Phoenix Park

Bubbles supplied by Cafe Beviamo, Tanglin Mall

Beers & Wine by friends of Ann

This exhibition is supported by Inhabit Singapore, Mandarin Gallery